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Our global team is made up of smart, driven, and curious people working to redefine the mobile experience. Our team is distributed over 5 continents, growing to help 10,000+ of the world’s most innovative brands connect with customers through the apps they love.

Ready to help build the future of mobile? Come join our team.

Our Values

Be Urgent, Take Initiative

If you need information, find it. If you need context, seek it. If you have a better idea, share it. If you are unsure, take a smart risk. Keep moving with speed and real intent.

We don’t achieve anything by waiting. Act now, in the best way you can.

Our Values

Take Ownership for Outcomes

We trust you to do what you say, when you say, and to do it with heart. Credibility comes from being reliable.

Seek to understand how your individual effort contributes to a better outcome for the company. Own that outcome. Do what it takes to improve that outcome through your action. Find a way to do better.

Our Values

Act from First Principles

Ask the ‘silly’ question. “Because that’s the way it’s done” is not a valid answer. Question assumptions. Go deep. Don’t be satisfied with the status quo. Be curious, always.

We are successful because we do not hold back. We strive to invent and to push boundaries. We are not constrained by benchmarks or by what others believe is possible.

Our Values

Be Humble & Seek to Learn

If you are not humble, you cannot be receptive to new information, ideas, and ways of thinking. If you are not receptive, you cannot learn. If you are not learning, you cease to grow. If you are stagnant, you quickly lose relevance.

Humility is a precondition for learning and growth.

Our Values

Help Out. We Achieve Together

Make it a point to help in any way you can. Ours is a shared aspiration, fueled by teamwork.

When we help each other out, in small and large ways, we are more likely to find success, fun, and fulfillment in what we do.

Our Values

Speak Up, Then Commit

We make decisions all the time. Speak up and express your conviction with reason and passion. Listen to other ideas with an open mind.

Once a decision has been made, always commit wholeheartedly to making it a success. Even if you had no part in making the decision. Even if you disagree.

PERKS & Benefits

Why Join Us

CleverTap offers competitive salaries and excellent benefits for our employees, including generous time off, referral bonuses, and opportunities for career development. Plus we offer some pretty cool perks, including flexible work schedules and exciting team activities.

Learning and development
Grow your skills and feed your curiosity in a rich learning environment that offers sponsored courses and access to MOOC platforms.
one team
Work-life balance
You’ve got a life outside of work, and we do, too. In addition to our generous paid time off policy, we’ve set the 2nd Friday of every month as a company-wide holiday throughout the pandemic.
Diversity and inclusion
Diversity and inclusivity are the guiding principles that drive the way we recruit our people and cultivate our leadership team. There’s a place for everyone at CleverTap.
Open culture
We believe that autonomy and collaboration are more important than hierarchy. We’re united by our passion for all things mobile, and our leadership team is always just a Slack message away.

Appreciated by employees

Find out what our team has to say about our culture, values, and work-environment.
  • “CleverTap is a great place to experiment with new ideas and technologies as part of your everyday job. You will always find colleagues to help you. It’s a place to grow and consistently learn from cross-functional partners, teams, and mentors — all while working on a product that has a meaningful impact in the world.”
    Aditi Agrawal, Lead iOS SDK Engineer
  • Testimonials

    Appreciated by employees

    Find out what our team has to say about our culture, values, and work-environment.
  • “I love working for a company that values employee development. The best things about working at CleverTap are the collaboration I get to be a part of every day and the relationships I’ve developed with my colleagues. The level of support that’s been shown during the pandemic has proven that CleverTap truly cares about employees.”
    Emily Bonnie Senior Content Marketing Manager
  • Testimonials

    Appreciated by employees

    Find out what our team has to say about our culture, values, and work-environment.
  • “Joining CleverTap has been the best move I’ve made in my career. It’s refreshing to work on a team where everyone is committed to raising the bar — working across teams and departments to achieve our goals. Our level of growth is a testament to how passionate everyone is about what we do. Everyone brings their A game.”
    Daniele Di Nunzio, Head of Sales, Americas
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